Why Our Fixed Deposit Investment?

Let your money work for you. Fix your money for a specific period and watch it grow daily.

Up to 18% interest rate

Regulated by CBN

Insured by the NDIC

Instant Withdrawal

CredPal financial services are offered by Bishopgate microfinance bank fully licensed and regulated by Central bank of Nigeria. This Annual Percentage Yield is effective as of 07/14/2022 and may change at any time before or after your investement placement.

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Our customers frequently ask these questions about our fixed deposit

For how long can I invest?
What happens if I withdraw before the maturity date?
Is there a lock on my investment?
Can I do a top-up on a running investment?
If I invest for 12 months and liquidated two weeks to the maturity date, can I get at least a percentage of the interest on his investments?
What if I have an enquiry or complaint?
Does your company have the license required for investments
How much can i invest?
How safe is my investment?
What interest rate can i get when i make an investment?
What is withholding tax and why is it being deducted from my investment returns?
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CredPal financial services are offered by BishopGate Microfinance Bank, fully licensed and regulated by the Central bank of Nigeria. CredPal offers innovative financial solutions including investments and credit services. Our credit solution allows businesses and individuals to buy anything and pay for it in installments across online and offline Merchants by providing them with instant access to credit at the point of checkout.

Merchants Onboarding

Once a Merchant partners with CredPal to accept and use our services, CredPal will onboard the Merchant on its platform by having the Merchant register or by registering the Merchant on a dedicated platform. CredPal may list the Merchant’s business on the CredPal mobile application and/or website (“Marketplace”), such that CredPal’s users or the Merchant’s patrons are able to pay for goods and services using credit advanced by CredPal.

Equality with Merchant Sales Channels

The Merchant will ensure that there is equality between the offerings (e.g. listing price and other terms including but not limited to discounts, minimum price, warranties, return and refund policies, after-sales service, etc., regarding the sale of the same Merchant's products and services) by the Merchant on other e-commerce platform and offerings on Marketplace.

Merchant's Use of the Marketplace

The Merchant shall maintain the security of Merchant log-in credentials to the Marketplace. The Merchant is responsible for any expense, loss, or liability caused by the loss or breach of those credentials.

The Merchant shall not use the Marketplace to abuse the Services or in a manner that would be detrimental to the function of the Marketplace or to other Merchant's use of the Marketplace.

Independent Service Provider

CredPal is providing the Services on an independent service provider basis. CredPal does not endorse, have control or assume the liability for the products or services that are paid for with the Services.